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1. To join the Australian Honda NX650 Owners Club contact me (Craig Sinclair) by one of the following means:

1999 model

  • Sorry, no more additions are being made to this web site.
  • However, join the OzDOM Discussion list (see below) to send and receive emails from other NX650 owners.

    2. Join the OzDOM Discussion list.

    To join either go to or:

    1. Email
    2. Sit back and await the confirmation message.
    3. Reply to said confirmation message.
    4. Enjoy.

    The OzDOM Discussion list is a great way of keeping in contact with other members of the club. Members discuss a wide variety of topics including tyre choice; accessories; trips etc. etc.

    Once a member, any mail sent to (using your normal email program) will be received by all subscribed members. Membership is free.

    Please note: this mailing list is operated by another organisation. If you change email address, lose your password etc. I can't help you.

    Click here to view the current OzDOM membership list.

    OzDOM #007

    My Honda Dominator

    Well .... it was .... I sold it and bought a 1995 Honda XL600V Transalp (in November, 2001). Click here to see how it compares to the Dominator.

    Although I no longer own a Dominator, I will continue to support and upgrade this site!

    My NX650 - OzDOM #001 My Dominator


  • Staintune stainless steel mufflers (2)
  • Gearsack rack
  • Bicycle Trip Computer
  • Extension Screen

    Current Tyres:

  • Front: Bridgestone TW41
  • Back: Kenda

    Current Oil:

  • Mobil 1 synthetic

    OzDOM #013

    NX650 Reviews

    Honda NX650 Dominator V BMW F650 Funduro - "Two Wheels", November 1995

    NX650 Supermotard for the Masses - "Cybercycle Magazine", 1997

    1999 Honda Dominator - "Sidetrack", 1999

    How to ....

    * Make your own Screen

    * Fitting a 'Bikescreen' Screen

    * Fit a Sigma Bicycle Trip Computer

    * Building a Better Dominator

    Trip Reports

    See the Trip Reports section at

    Stories include Sydney to Uluru (Ayres Rock) two-up on a Dominator.


    OzDOM #019

    Australian Links:

    * Australian Motorcycle Prices

    * Trading Post - Motorcycles For Sale

    * Ulysses Club - Grow Old Disgracefully

    World Links:

    * Macs Honda NX 650 Dominator page with mailing list - join now!

    * German Dominator site

    Between Darwin and the Three Ways, the Northern Territory Craig at Mt Hope, western NSW OzDOM #041 at Reeves Lake Alessandra Comparetti's Dominator, from Sardinia, Italy OzDOM #48
    Dez's Domi doing abit of low flying! OzDOM #40 dressed for local Toy Run, 2001
    OzDOM #51 OzDOM #52
    The Birdsville Track

    Flat tyre

    OzDOM #54

    OzDOM #05 at the 2002 Capital Rally near Canberra
    OzDOM #064
    OzDOM #084
    Lee Hargraves's 1997 Dominator
    OzDOM #091
    OzDOM #093
    OzDOM #100
    OzDOM #109
    OzDOM #111
    OzDOM #113
    Exmmor National Park
    OzDOM #117

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